Thoughts from Fr. Marshall - All Saints Episcopal Church
I think that in order to address issues of morality in our society we must dig deep and search for our souls. We must search for that place from which St. Augustine says we must LOVE and do as you will.

In a society where people teach sexual morality to their children on the basis of this mandate to LOVE instead of on a morality based on fear and shame I might have more respect for social and religious leaders who express strong opinions about how other people should manage their own choices.

In our present society with all of its abuse, denial and hypocrisy it makes me more than outraged that men, many of them celibate (or so they claim) think they should have the power to regulate the decisions women and LGBTQ people make about their bodies and their lives.

The two issues, sexism and homophobia are deeply related. They are in fact one issue steaming from the sense of entitlement some in society thinks gives them a moral right to judge and decide for the rest of us on the basis of their particular sex role expectations, often claiming to be based on particular interpretations of their religious traditions which, as we experience time and time again, many of them make little effort to live up to or to apply uniformly.

In an ideal society abortion might indeed seldom be the desired solution for women but, it is clear opinion that that choice and others in regards to her reproductive choices must always be hers and not governments.

I also believe that all citizens, within the restraints of and equal application of common law, have a civil right to constitute households according to their own desires.

This is why I am so passionate about the separation of religion and state. I trust the church (said the priest) if possible, even less than the state. History has taught us. Will we learn?

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