Thoughts from Fr. Marshall - All Saints Episcopal Church
From the Huffington Post Religion and Politics Site. It is a comment on the Roman Catholic Bishop's claim that President Obama is trying to take away their religious liberty.

Providing standard coverage with insurance policies that allows one's employes to make choices about their own bodies is, in my opinion, not a breach of the employer's religious liberty.

Tailoring policies that exclude certain legally available options in our society sets a precedence of interfering with the relationship between patient and doctor and in the forum of conscience of the individual
which seems truly anti-democratic.

The religious leaders who seek such control and scream religious liberty violation are clearly admitting that their moral suasion has failed.

They are largely being ignored even by the members of their own communities. A state of hypocritical posturing that has little to do with the lived reality of faith within their communities (much like issues of sex and sexual orientation) invades the public discourse when these leaders should, in my opinion, be searching their own souls and attempting to convert the hearts of their own people.

Instead they are attempting to control their employs, who may or may not share their faith, through the civil law. They are not living with much respect for the social contract or the diversity of opinion that makes it strong. Not their job, again, in my opinion.

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