Of course the garden is sleeping right now.

We planted over three thousand bulbs that should grace us in Spring. Two thousand of them were daffodils. There are also lots of Dutch and bearded irises, snow drops, crocuses, and lots of others.

The victory garden has been covered with a thick layer of hay and leaves that will serve as a mulch bed for next years minimum dig garden. Garlic has been put in and the new asparagus bed is sleeping.

The orchard has been pruned in preparation for the spring and we have started to compost on site with a wonderful tumbler donated by a good neighbor.

Hopefully the hives will come in the spring and the girl scouts are planning to help us establish a much larger community composting project.

We are planing a walking path all around the property and a meditation labyrinth and out door altar behind the church.

This is all part of our regenerative culture efforts and fits into the integral framework that includes every aspect of our life together and our mission to call people into healing and regenerative community.

Keep checking this site for updates about the garden.

Father Farmer



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