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Jack, the Romano's dog, visits us often here at All Saints. He has enjoyed running in the snow, as have lots of the neighbor kids and doggies. The joy experienced by Jack and the kids and doggies is the joy of the garden and it becomes my joy and the joy of all who witness it. A garden is for watching and being in all year round.

It makes me very happy to see the remnants of snow forts on the grounds and to watch the occasional snow ball battle. If they get there before the parking lot is cleared it is a pretty good place for tobogganing.

The snow is actually good for the plants. It deep waters them when it melts and while it is on it actually insulates them. The dusty roads survived last winter in large part because during the coldest days it was covered with snow pack.

The cold weather is necessary to kill disease in the garden and to place bulb and tuber and rhizome plants into their dormancy so they will bloom again in spring and summer.

The snow also helps with the in situ composting we are doing by keeping the hay and leaf mulch wet and involved in the freeze thaw cycle so it breaks down.

The earth is a wonderful place and the seasons all play their part. This is all not to mention that the stark landscape of winter offers the most amazing experiential foil for the baroque outrage of spring and summer.

God is good!

Father Farmer


Lois and Michael
02/27/2011 13:03

We love your quote and read the whole poem,The tiniest little buds are now taking big gulps of freash air and are getting ready to amaze us come spring.


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